How To Relax When You Don’t Have the Time

It’s easy to relax when you’re on vacation, for example going to a spa or putting your toes in the sand. But what about the day to day crazy? Me time was definitely a learned habit, not a natural one for me. 

I learned that scheduling it actually frees up time for me because it helps me to feel less stressed and more focused on my tasks at hand in our day to day life. I also incorporate relaxing into things I'm already doing, so I don't always have to 'schedule' it. 


10 Ways I Relax



1. When I’m not enjoying creation on vacation, I take the time to enjoy it at home. For example, I will take a walk barefoot in the grass, sit outside quietly watching the sunset, observe animals or birds. There is nothing like sitting on the back porch listening to the rain and thunder. I also like to enjoy the beauty of outdoor activities, but we will move on because I’m fixing to get ahead of myself!


2. Daily Bible Reading. Every. Single. Day. This helps me feel grounded and happy.


3. Take a nap. I’m a mom of 4, I totally get it! Napping, yeah right. Well, I have found that even if I can’t fall asleep, I try to at least rest my body for a few minutes. Here is how:

  • Turn on my head blanket before I’m going to lay down.
  • Turn on a noise app.
  • Set my alarm for 20 minutes.
  • Turn on my diffuser with my Fire Wife Blend.
  • Lay down and close my eyes, at least rest my body even if I don’t completely fly asleep.

This helps me soooo much y’all!


4. I don’t get on my phone first thing in the morning. I wake up and spend some time reading my Bible, drinking coffee, and meditating on what I read. This helps me have a good foundation for my day.


5. Communication!! To relax, don’t you want peace and quiet? Of course quiet can be needed to relax, but for me unknown is stressful. In order to relax, I need to be in the know with my peeps. Sometimes to relax, I go through my phone and text people I haven’t spoken to in awhile. This is enjoyable because connecting with the ones we know and love makes us happy, it helps us to relax. My family knows to stay in contact with me so I know everyone is happy and safe. This kind of falls under stress management, but for us it works and it is a way I can relax.


6. Oil up y’all! Yep, you knew it was coming. I keep a diffuser going as much as possible in the house, but I also take time to apply oils topically, I drink them in my water, add them to my hot tea or coffee, and sometimes I even make a hand diffuser if I want the aroma of a specific oil. 


Note: Y’all know I always say that not all oils are created equally! Make sure your oils are safe to use internally!! Don’t know if they are? Fill out a contact form and let’s set up a zoom call!


7. I love paddle boarding. I enjoy the beauty and relaxation of being on the water. It is calming for me, and sometimes I paddle to a spot then sit down on my board to relax. It doesn’t matter if its on a lake, a river, or salt water, I have found that water is calming and this is one of my favorite ways to relax.


8. Mountain Biking. For me, preferably downhill biking. Do you live where there is a ski lift nearby? Chances are, they have a bike lift service in the summer. You can read my blog post on mountain biking and downhill biking. I love it because you are out in nature, getting good exercise, and you get to spend time with people you love. One of the best sounds is biking through the aspens and hearing the leaves blow in the wind, then from ahead of you you hear your kids/hubby having a blast. This may seem like work, not relaxing for some. For me, relaxing isn’t just spa-like experiences. It is things that calm my heart and make me happy.


9. Driving backroads. Get off the pavement! Roll the windows down. Play that old school playlist that makes your heart skip a beat. Stop and enjoy nature if you see something that catches your eye. Kai and I stopped at a bridge one time that was super cool we found driving old backroads. We stopped and enjoyed to engineering and also the nature around it, with a sonic drink in hand of course. *wink* One that same drive, we saw a fox, 2 whitetail deer, and a bison. Go on a flippin’ trip. What is a flippin’ trip? Well, let me tell ya. My Mama and Daddy take a coin with them, when they get to a stop sign or a dead end, they flip a coin. Heads right, tails left. This is actually how we found that cool bridge. You can see the post on Instagram of the day. Kai is flipping a coin at a stop sign ;) This adds another spontaneous element of fun. You don’t know where you will go when you leave. 


10. Make a fire and sit around it with your people. There is nothing like a campfire, why only do it at camp? Sit under the stars and enjoy time with family and friends!


I hope this gives y’all some new ways to take a little time for yourself, or new ways to relax with the people you love!


Y’all come back now!

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