Fire Wife Oil Blend

Hey y’all! Welcome back. I’m sure by now you have read my about page, so I’ll skip all those messy bits and get right to the point. This is my signature blend that I share with most of my clients, as long as it fits within their personal wellness goals.

When did I create it, how did it come about, do I still use this blend, and why it works for me. Enjoy learning about this blend, I hope you all enjoy it too!


Well, here is the thing, as you fire wives, medic wives, all you wives with first responder men, one thing you understand is the sleepless nights, the anxious days, and 24 hours of missing your person. When you have kids in the mix, these feelings are all more intense because you are feeling you monkey’s emotions too.

I have been a first responder wife for over 20 years now. (We just celebrated our 20th! Yay us!) It has had its challenges, yes, but it has also taught us wonderful communication skills & much more. OK, not why your here, I know. On to my point….

For over a decade of our marriage I ‘slept’ every third night worrying about my man, hoping he was safe. If I did finally fall asleep, I would have the worst nightmares. As I learned how to diffuse essential oils, I added Lavender, Cedarwood, and other oils to my diffuser before bed to help support a restful nights sleep. These oils would help me fall asleep (usually around 3 or 4 am) but then I would wake up a lot, and my nightmares would wake me up feeling panicked. When I studied Copaiba (I believe it was in 2017??) I learned how it can support nerve function & restful sleep, among other things. I added this to my blend I was using, and I slept all night, I didn’t even remember dreaming y’all! Ryan came in from his shift and kissed me, it woke me up, and it made me cry because it felt so good to sleep after all those years.

Next part of my plan? I wondered what the effect would be if I used the oils topically in a rollerball top off with fractionated coconut oil. The result? When he was on shift, I would use this blend and I noticed a difference in my anxious feelings. And I think my composure had an effect on my kids, they were less anxious. So I started using this rollerball on all of use on shift nights before bed. On our wrists, bottom of our feet, & along our spine. Then, you guessed it. I started a diffuser in each bedroom with my new “Fire Wife Blend”.


Absolutely! I even use this blend when we are primitive camping, traveling in the car, in a hotel, etc. I bring my rechargeable diffuser; I don’t go a night without diffusing this blend. My husband always laughs if the kids try to change my routine at bedtime. He tells them “You know your mama does her thing”.


When you learn the different properties of essential oils, you learn how they can help support different body systems. You have probably heard people say things like: “Lemon is uplifting” or “Lavender supports a restful night’s sleep”. This is how I came up with this blend and why it works so well for me. I have studied essential oils and continue to study them. There is so much to learn, and I can’t wait to keep sharing what I have learned with you!

Do you want to try this blend? Go check out the mercantile here on the website or book a consult with me! When you book an Essential Oil Session you get one free to take home! Not close enough to meet in person, let’s meet on zoom! Just fill out the contact us form and let me know you'd like a consult.

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