Essential Oils ~ Part 2

Hey y'all! Are you ready to get started on your oil journey? In Part 1 of this series, I explained how I got my start using essential oils. In this post I will tell you more about how I use my oils. I feel essential oil education is very important, to really get the best benefit out of them you need to understand how to use them safely and what kind of support you need. Consider this post your one on one essential oil class.

How To Use Essential Oils

There are 3 main ways to use oils, topically, internally, and aromatically. The easiest way to remember if you should use an oil internally or not is if you would normally ingest something. For example, I would squeeze lemon juice in my water, so I can put lemon essential oil in my water. If in doubt, always do your research. 

Another thing to think about is how to apply oils topically. Some oils can be applied neat, or without a carrier oil. Others need a carrier oil. What oils need a carrier oil? Everyone is different, so get to know your level of sensitivity. I can use most of my oils neat, but not everyone can. A good rule of thumb in this is if it a hot oil, for example peppermint or cinnamon, you would want a carrier oil. Also, don't apply hot oils right after a shower. The heat opens your pores and can make your skin more sensitive. I use fractionated coconut oil for my carrier oil, now and then I use olive oil too.

Why would I use the oils aromatically? It just smells good right? I'm not sure I want to 'waste' my oils like that. Have you ever thought these things? It's not a waste. Research shows that oils can support us the best with emotions when we use them aromatically. My diffuser is my best friend y'all! In the main areas of our home, I like to diffuse oils that purify the air. At night, I have what I call my sleep cocktail that I out in our diffuser. Copaiba, Serenity (restful blend), and Balance (grounding blend) is my recipe. I get the best rest when I diffuse these at night. 

Where Do I Start?

That can be a daunting question! But it doesn't have to be. Getting started isn't hard when you have someone to help guide you. Think of the 3 goals you have, then you can start to build your wellness plan. Here is an example:

Here are a few goals you could look at:

1. Support Your Family's Immunity

2. Aromatherapy for Emotional Support

3. Get Better Rest

These are 3 goals I think almost everyone has. How do you achieve these goals? Create a daily routine that incorporates oils. For example, I drink water with oils. I have a glass water bottle I take with me everywhere and I drink oils like a protective blend which supports immunity or my metabolic blend. It's a routine. I make my family snacks with oils, such as sliced apples soaked in the protective blend and others. Essential Oils ~ Part 3 will have recipes. Remember that all oils are not created equally, so don't use oils internally unless you have researched them. I have researched essential oils, so I have found what I'm comfortable cooking with. When it comes to Aromatherapy, find which oil works for you. I find a combination of several oils work for me, so I keep a zipper keychain with my most used oils. I'm not always home when I need them. For better rest, take a bath with lavender essential oil then add the restful blend to your diffuser. 

Having a wellness advocate in your court is your best bet. This person can help you find exactly what you need. Don't be afraid to reach out, a good wellness advocate isn't going to push and be "salesy", they will be there to help you find your wellness routine. Feel free to reach out to me anytime too, you can schedule and zoom meeting with me and we can figure out what your goals are. I'll list my contact at the end of this post if you want help.

Kids and Pets

Education is key. There are so many classes out there that teach us how to use them for ourselves, for older ones, for kids, and yes, for our pets. We have 4 kids, they're getting older now, but I have used them for a long time on them. They each have their favorite. I have used them on our cats and they love it. I have had friends use oils on their dogs with great success. Educate yourself to help the ones you love!

Can I Clean With Oils?

Yes and yes. I have made my own cleaners using oils, you can read about that here. I use essential oils in my soap making too!

For more information on how you can get started using oils, contact me here.

Y'all come back now!

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