Essential Oils ~ Part 1

Hey y'all! If you know me, you know I oil up all the time. Where did I get started, why did I start, and what do I use?

Why Did I Start Using Oils?

First off, let me start with the why. My mom had gotten sick, and soon thereafter I found out I was on the same path. At the time I had 4 little kids and an amazing man, I knew I had to take the bull by the horns and do what I could to get better. I was already a pretty 'healthy' person. I exercised, ate pretty good, and was very active. But I saw room for improvement. I started doing a ton of research and along with changing my eating habits some (not completely) I also found information on essential oils. This was my why. Let's talk about my where.

Where Did I Get Started?

At first I went to my local natural store and bought some oils that were supposed to help with the what I was dealing with. I found some recipes too, but I only used oils topically because I was nervous to put them in our food. Are these brands safe for consumption? Have they added anything? I didn't know, so I used them topically and also used them in my homemade cleaners I learned to make. (I did this also for the same reason, see why here.) 

What Do I use, and Why?

I searched for years to find an oil that is actually 100% pure and organic. Oil companies are allowed to put fillers in their oils, whether it's water or chemicals. That's not what I wanted. One thing I used a lot was lavender, we lived in Arkansas at the time and pollen and trees were everywhere, I could rub a drop of lavender oil and rub it on the bridge of my nose and it helped. ~Note: If y'all do this, make sure to keep it away from your eyes. I can use my oils neat, I'll explain later what that is when we get to Part 2, but use a carrier oil if you are new to oils~ One day we went to the home of new friends we had made. I needed my oil, but it was at home. Guess what, she had some! I did my normal one drop, my eyes watered! (In a good way) The lavender was much more potent and smelled more natural, more like actual lavender. I loved it so she got out her oil box and let me use what I wanted. I was in a happy place for sure! 

What were these oils and why was there so much of a difference? Come back for Part 2 and you'll find out! 

Y'all come back now!

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