My Favorite Coffee


My Favorite Coffee

So, I'm a little bit of a coffee snob y'all. I'll drink anything because I love coffee, but I have some favorites for sure. Another thing is decaf, I love caffeinated coffee trust me, but I can only drink so much with my fibromyalgia or I will cause myself to be in a lot of pain. My husband needs to drink decaf too, but most decaf out there is so watered down and nasty. 

We like whole bean coffee so we can grind it fresh and grind it according to the brew. I have 2 French presses, an iced pour over pitcher (if that's its name?), a Nespresso machine, and a granite pot I make Cowboy Coffee in. (Read how to make cowboy coffee here)

I've found some good decaf too!! I like dark roast coffee; it should have legs and tell me good morning. So... give me the baby, right? Here y'all go!

Favorite Caffeinated Coffee Beans

Some of these I've gotten to try in person at the local coffee shop, I still order from there because it's so good! 

  • Raven's Brew House Blend from Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Solar Roast Coffee, Columbia and Sumatra from Pueblo, Colorado
  • Camp 4 Coffee Sledgehammer from Crested Butte, Colorado
  • Sweet Bay Coffee Company from Branson, Missouri

Favorite Decaffeinated Coffee Beans

These decaf beans are all water process decaf, so it doesn't make me feel bad when I drink them. That's happiness right there.  

  • Raven's Brew Organic Decaf from Ketchikan, Alaska
  • Solar Roast Decaf Organic Coffee from Pueblo, Colorado
  • Camp 4 Coffee Luna Vista Decaf

Enjoy some of our favorites!

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