Jeeping Crossbar Ranch in Davis, Oklahoma

We aren't the only people who love wheeling in our family. We decided to head to Crossbar Ranch in Davis, Oklahoma for a 3 generation jeep day. 

We started the day off meeting up in Ardmore, OK. We had lunch at Swadley's (their chicken fried steak and rolls are stupid good) and got some drinks to go. This is where I got my first duck! #duckduckjeep 

We had our 3 jeeps (for those of you interested in the specs, scroll down) and headed into the park. You cross a small creek as you come in and there is plenty of space to stage with your group and air down for the day. They have a small office with a map, which heads up is unreliable and they told us that when we got there, but they have some merch you can buy and this is where you pay for the day. 

We hit the GOAT trail, we didn't know it was for ATV's, but we had a blast! Our daughter drove the trail on her own, she learned what our hand signals meant and how to wheel with a 2-footed approach. 

About the Park

It is located at 4550 Dolese Rd, Davis, OK. You can get there right off I-35. Take exit 55 and head West on Hwy 7. You'll see the signs for the park. There is a gas station at that exit, so you can fill up your rigs, grab snacks and ice, and use the bathroom before hitting the trails. It's for vehicles and ATV's, so anyone who loves to wheel or ride enduro/dirt bikes will have a blast. There is about 6,500 acres and 200 miles of trails to ride, so you won't get bored.

Jeep Specs & Tire Pressure

Like I said earlier, we had 3 jeeps. We had just bought ours and our daughters, so we will have more posts coming up on the builds. When we upload them, I will edit this post and add a link over to those. 

Nana and Papa's Jeep:

2015 Firecracker Red JKUR with a rough country lift and Toyo's, running on 37's with no bead locks. They aired down to 14PSI per tire and that seemed to run well on their TOYO's.

Daddycita & Mamacita's Jeep:

2019 Granite Crystal (Dark Gray) JLUR with a stock suspension on BFG's, running 33's with no bead locks. Stock Rubicon Hard Rock wheel set. We aired down to 12PSI, that seemed to be about right for those tires in this terrain. (So much coming for this jeep soon, stay tuned y'all! Did someone say bead locks?) I have to say I was impressed how well the stock running gear did on the trails. There is a lot you can do with 33's and a stock Rubicon suspension. We had to change up our departure angle and make some other adjustments, but we were able to hang with the 37's.

Keek's Jeep:

2016 Bright White JKUR with a Rubicon Express lift kit with TOYO's, running on 35's with no bead locks. She aired down to 16PSI at first, then we dropped her down to 14PSI and that seemed to be the right pocket.

The Trail System

The have a trail map at the entrance inside the office and one you can pick up, but it's not accurate. That is how we ended up on the GOAT ATV trail without even knowing it. We were just crawling away, the next thing we knew it was too skinny of a trail to fit down. What I'm hoping to do is go back and track myself using AllTrails or Strava and create a more accurate map. If I can get that done I'll share it with y'all!

The GOAT trail, which I won't recommend for wheeling in vehicles, was really fun I have to say! Usually when we wheel we don't get out and guide each other. Most terrain you can just pick your line from the cockpit. This trail required some guidance and hand signals were a must. Sometimes yelling out 'driver' or 'passenger' so the driver knows which way to turn the steering wheel is necessary, but it drives my husband and I crazy to hear that all day. When we have to guide each other we try to rely on hand signals unless we can't see each other at a weird angle. 

We had 3 or 4 sections that we had to guide each other through before the trail got too skinny and we headed back out. We drove down and checked out the primitive camping. It looks like so much fun! People had rigs of all sizes, some were just on a cot under the stars. There were families and large groups of people, like there was a group of people there that belonged to the Red Dirt Jeep Club, and there was also a good size group of ATV's hanging out and grilling supper. It seemed like a laid back environment of just some good 'ole boys having fun.

Pitch and Roll, Lockers, and Sway Bar Disconnect

On our JLUR and our daughter's JKUR we have the pitch and roll telling us our angles. This was a good area to teach Keek how to use these before heading our to Colorado for some Jeep Badge of Honor trails. She also learned how to use her lockers, what they're used for, and how to engage them. It was her first time using her Jeep in 4L and she enjoyed every second of it. We taught her how to disconnect her sway bars, that gave the body some more stability and helped with her pitch and roll angles. Such a good learning curve before heading out to tackle Ophir Pass & Imogene Pass. 


We haven't camped here yet, but from my research and driving around the camping areas, they have over 20 RV hook up spots with electric and water. The have tons of primitive camping also. You do have to pay to ride each day you are there even when you're camping. Oklahoma sunsets are almost as good as Texas sunsets, and this is in the Arbuckle's so you have awesome sunset views!

Summing Up Our Day

All in all, we had an awesome day. It's a place you can enjoy a day trip or hang with a pretty gnarly size group for the weekend. Your best bet would be to go with someone who already knows the area. We spent a lot of our time trying to figure out where to go. 

Happy trails! Y'all come back now, ya hear?

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