Jeeping Colorado, It's Becoming a Family thing

We are all about our last minute trips y'all. They have been some of our most memorable and the most fun! Our daughter wanted to buy her first car, she saved for 2 years working part time so she could stay focused on her volunteer work. They day came and we started searching high and low. Cars are hard to find right now, even being in the car business we couldn't find anything local, so we were going to head to the gulf coast where we found many online to go look at. I was at home running laundry and packing for Texas, then Ryan calls me. He found so many jeeps in Colorado, exactly what our Keek was looking for. So the gears changed, I packed a little differently (it's still in the mid-upper 30s where we were heading), and we loaded up the jeep. We left that night and Ryan and I shift drove. Colorado here we come!

Day 1

We arrived in Colorado Springs at 9am and starting looking and test driving jeeps ASAP. We didn't have a place to stay yet, we didn't know if we would be heading up towards Denver area or what yet. We did go up to Denver and the suburbs but nothing struck our fancy so to speak. We went back to Colorado Springs and the very first dealership we looked at listed another jeep, is this the one? It was perfect, but we wanted to sleep on it before she bit the bullet. It's getting later in the day, where are we going to stay? 

The Lodge

We stayed at Cheyenne Mountain Resort on Colorado Springs, would definitely recommend! They have a general store and a Starbucks, several heated swimming pools and a hot tub, mountain views, an upper deck with a fire pit where you can sit in the evening watching the sunset with a Mountain View. It was reasonably priced. Yes, normally we would have thrown in a tent and found an awesome off grid spot to camp on, but this was a different kind of trip y'all. We were hoping our daughter shop for her first car, we needed good sleep to help her make a good decision.

We woke up to a mountain view and I had my coffee on the balcony watching the sunrise on the mountain. It was a perfect place to use my enamel mug. The coffee in the room isn't great, but there is a Starbucks at the main lodge. I just usually bring my own k cups when I travel, and mini moos too. They're so cute and they don't have to be refrigerated. 

Day 2

We got up early and looked at a few more jeep for good measure. We drove to Castle Rock area and looked, but nothing was as nice for the money she had saved. We drove back to Colorado Springs and made a deal on her jeep and signed all the papers. Keek wanted to go on a drive, but the jeep hadn't even been through service yet. We finally were able to pick up her jeep, and Ryan found a backroad to take her on. She drove us up the first little part of Old Stage Road. It was so pretty!! It had some tight sections for a new driver, but she did awesome!

Day 3

Ryan had something a little more fun up his sleeve. Several years ago we primitive camped up Phantom Canyon Rd and we had taken the kids up to Victor and Cripple Creek. Keek kept saying how she wished we had time to take that loop driving home, but Daddy had to be home the next day. From Colorado Springs back to Pueblo, its a several hour loop if road conditions on Phantom Canyon are favorable. 

We headed out early and took highway 24 out of Colorado Springs towards Woodland Park. We went South in Divide on highway 67, she still didn't know where we were headed. We drove road 383 across from Meuller State Park, it's a 3 or 3 1/2 mile road that ends at a hiking spot. We didn't have time for the hike, but the drive was pretty. 

From there, we headed South on highway 67 toward Cripple Creek. When Keek saw the sign she said 'Oh my' over and over. We winded our way through Cripple Creek and Victor and turned on Phantom Canyon Rd. I drove the Northern half which is steeper, then Keek took over and drove the bottom half through the tunnels. We decided to air the jeeps down because the brake bumps were pretty bad this time around. After we aired down we had a pretty smooth ride. She loved getting to drive her jeep through the old tunnels and down into the campsite we stayed at several years back. We definitely made some good memories not his trip! 

This was the first of many Jeep adventures we intend to make as a family. Y'all ride along! To see more of what Keek aka Kinsi will do with her Jeep follow her instagram account @kinsioffcamber and follow her Daddy @flipnjeep for a little different prospective.

Watch the video o YouTube and don't forget to check out The Keek phone case here. She designed it and uses it. Y'all come back now!

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